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In this day and age, tarot readings are probably the most popular and familiar type of psychic and clairvoyant readings. The history of tarot cards goes back to the Middle Ages in Europe. Then they were used mostly to play games. From the 18th century, however, psychic tarot readings started to become popular for the telling of fortunes.

What Card Deck Is Used by My Psychic Tarot Reader?

Similar to the general deck of 52 playing cards that psychic readers use for cartomancy, tarot readings are based on a card deck with particular symbols and drawings. The psychic tarot reader is able to uncover energies and patterns in the cards to help him or her interpret specific situations in your life and to predict what may happen in the future. Different decks with differing sets of symbols are used in different countries. However, the most commonly used tarot card deck consists of 78 cards. Of the 78, 56 are named the minor arcana, with the other 22 known as the major arcana. Although every psychic tarot reader prefers his or her specific deck, all have the exact number of suits and cards.

The 22 cards of the major arcana consist mostly of images that are associated with major life events. Examples include The Lovers, The Emperor, The Magician, and not to mention The Fool. The cards in the minor arcana are made up of four suits with 14 cards each. They provide meaning to help us understand the different stages of our lives. The four suits are called Cups, Swords, Pentacles and Wands.

How Do Tarot Readings Work?

Depending on the question you need an answer to, the psychic tarot reader is guided to lay the cards in front of her or him in one of various different spreads. The cards that show themselves, as well as the specific order they appear in, guide the psychic tarot reader to get more clarity on the situation you are in and helps him or her to answer your question. A few things that tarot readers take into account are the position of the different cards, whether they are upside down or the right side up, and whether they are from the minor or major arcana.

Can I Get a Tarot Reading Online and Over the Phone?

Yes, tarot readings are very versatile and can be done in nearly any situation. Requesting a tarot card reading online or over the phone, is no less powerful or accurate than when you personally visit a psychic tarot reader. Especially popular are love tarot readings where the focus is on matters of the heart.

What Can I Ask a Tarot Reader?

While you can ask a tarot reader about any part of your life in order to get guidance and help, popular questions that can be answered by tarot readers relate to family issues, relationships, financial success, spiritual fulfilment, and workplace frustrations.

The answers and insights of the tarot card reader and the possibilities the cards open up will amaze you.

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