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Some psychic readers have the gift to see into the future or get in touch with the dead, while others can sense emotions. Psychics who tap into your emotions are also called intuitive psychics (or psychic intuitivists) or empaths. They have unique gifts that can help you in various ways.

Empaths are hypersensitive to the energy and emotions of people standing within their auric field. It means they are able to say if you or those close to you feel happy, angry or sad. This ability is extremely helpful while doing a psychic reading, because serious conflicts can be addressed by channeling the emotions felt by others.

What can intuitive psychics do for you?

Emphatic or intuitive psychics can delve into and recognize feelings that you were unaware of. While listening to a psychic reading, for example, you may express excitement or happiness while deep inside you are sad or depressed. The intuitive psychic will recognize this and point it out.

By steering you to really zoom into your emotions, the intuitive psychic helps you to uncover some of the hidden reasons why you experience stress. It’s true that you can also speak about your problems with family and friends, but an intuitive, emphatic psychic can unbiasedly assist you to deal with matters that are affecting your general wellbeing.

How can intuitive psychics benefit your relationships?

Are you always in conflict with your partner or are you bumping heads with your teenage child? Seek help from an empath, who can use his or her unique intuitive gift to zoom into the feelings of people that are important to you.

You can tell the intuitive psychic everything, like if you are getting ignored by your husband or wife. The empath may be able to establish whether the hostility is as a result of your partner hiding something, like depression or anxiety, from you. A clairvoyant, on the other hand, may “see” if there is a third party in your relationship, while a love psychic is even able to tell if your marriage is going to survive.

Furthermore, intuitive psychics can assist you to connect with family and friends on a much deeper level. They can use their intuitive gift to help you understand what is causing tension in relationships. The information you receive by way of an intuitive psychic’s unique emphatic gift can positively impact on those relationships. So let yourself be guided by a gifted, experienced professional that uses his or her intuition for your benefit!

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