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You know that French expression called “déjà vu”, when you see or experience something that you think you’ve seen or experienced before? Or that weird feeling when you meet someone new and it’s like you’ve met them before? It may actually be an experience or encounter from a past life that is surfacing. Reincarnation, or the belief that your soul is born again in many bodies over ages, is what we base past life readings on.

How Are Past Life Readings Done?

During a past life reading a psychic reader delves into your former lives in order for you to understand how experiences from previous incarnations influence your current life.

An intense love relationship from a former life may for example impact on a relationship in this life. A psychic love reader can help you reveal this. Past life readings are also a vehicle to help you understand why you have a strong connection with certain people, highlighting complications that could be based on shared experiences in past lives.

We may carry spiritual scars obtained from a traumatic experience in a previous life with us. It influences our current day behavior and decisions. A past life reader can illuminate the phobias and fears associated with this trauma, helping you understand where they come from and how to deal with them accordingly.

There is a difference between past life readings and past life regression. During a regression, hypnotism is at play to take you back to your past lives. During a past life reading, the journey back in time is undertaken by a psychic medium who then tells you what he senses and sees.

Can Past Life Readings Tell Me Something About My Future?

Gaining insight into a past life can have a major impact on your life choices and experiences. The reason is not that you will discover that you once were Einstein or Marie-Antoinette. Don’t expect that a past life reading will tell you you were a famous person. The value of past life readings rather lies in the patterns they expose with regards to your relationships and what your motivations were in the course of several lifetimes. It thereby allows you to be the best person you can be in this lifetime.

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