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Do you have a lucky number? Was your partner born on the same day of the month as you? Numerologists are there to help you find meaning in numbers. They take numbers that are important to you to base a numerology reading on. This may include your birth date or other numbers linked to your life. Hidden patterns are uncovered and future predictions made when numerologists read these numbers.

Numerology readings have their foundation in the belief that fundamental universal truths are represented by numbers and that they also give insight into individual lives. Most cultures in some way hold fast to these believes and have done so from ancient times. There is historic evidence that numerologists have practiced from Egypt and ancient Greece to Rome, South America and China.

Western numerology, however, is said to have its origins in an ancient Hebrew practice. Called gematria, this practice is part of a mystical belief system also known as Kabballah. According to this belief system, there is a number associated with every letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It means it is possible to interpret every sentence or word in the Bible, or even a prayer, based on the numerical value thereof. Certain numbers, such as 18 or 7, are associated with good luck and positive energy. Other numbers, such as 13, is commonly known as an unlucky number. The principles of gematria can similarly be applied to numbers and words in the life of an individual.

What Questions Can I Ask a Numerologist?

An online reading by a numerologist can help you find answers to questions about various life spheres. It is useful to provide perspective on the different aspects of your life and how they fit together. Among other things, numerology readings can be a psychic love reading if it analyses the names and birthdates of your partner and yourself, thereby providing you with a fresh perspective on the compatibility and long-term possibilities of the relationship. Aspects about your personality that you might not notice, but that impact significantly on your life choices, can also be put under the spotlight by a numerology reading.

What Information Must I Give a Numerologist?

The following could be asked of you during a numerology reading: your date of birth, the dates of birth of loved ones or other people who play an important role in your life, and the dates of specific events that you want to find out more about. In the process you may learn what the meaning is of the numerical value that is linked to your name or that of other words with special significance to you. Regardless of your question, the significance and power of numbers are sure to surprise you.

Numerologists can also be described as clairvoyants with a special gift to see the hidden meanings within numbers. As with cartomancy and tarot card readings, numerologists practice a form of fortune-telling or divination. It means a numerology reading can shed light on current experiences or questions you have about the past.

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