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What Are Love Tarot Readings?

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Matters of the heart, such as romance, love and relationships, are the most popular subjects when it comes to tarot card readings. Most likely it is because tarot readings have the potential to be very insightful in matters of the heart.

Tarot love readings begin like every other tarot reading. A deck of cards with symbols and drawings on is used as a means to relate to your particular situation or question. Most psychic readers use the exact same deck of 78 cards they use for all tarot readings. The deck is divided in two, with a group of 56 cards called minor arcana and the second group of 22 called major arcana.

The major arcana, considered to signify the deeper, more spiritual part of our lives, plays an important role during a love tarot reading. Most obviously there is a card called The Lovers which points to a love partnership between two people. Then there is The Empress, an archetype of feminine power. When she shows herself during a psychic love reading with tarot cards, it signifies a potent time for love. Marriage or pregnancy could be on the cards, but also serious relationship problems. It all depends on The Empress’ position in the spread. Whether she is upside down or upright also makes a difference.

The specific positioning of the tarot cards is referred to as the spread. The spread is determined by the particular love question as well as the intuition of the psychic reader about the question. If you want to know whether a specific person is potentially your soul mate, for example, a love tarot reader will most probably choose a different spread than when you want to know more about your compatibility with your partner or whether he or she is faithful.

As mentioned with The Empress, the upside down or upright position of a card is important when doing love tarot readings. For example, The Sun in an upright position can point to happiness. However, if it is upside down it may indicate marriage problems or broken relationships.

Before getting too despondent about the position of a card, it is good to remember that a reversal does not necessarily mean the opposite. It can also mean that the energy is present, but that something is standing in the way of the full expression of the ultimate meaning of the card. Once again, the position of the card in relation to the rest of the spread is crucial. This is why a gifted psychic love reader is invaluable to read the energy displayed by the cards instead of just giving a straightforward interpretation of symbols.

Who Are Love Tarot Readings For?

Anyone in need of guidance and advice about their love life can benefit from a love tarot reading. Your family and friends might all have offered their advice, but a love tarot reading is recommended for an unbiased opinion. The answer to your question lies within the cards if you are ready and willing to ask.

As with other psychic love readings, going to a love tarot reading prepared is important to get the best and most accurate answers to your questions. Experienced psychic love readers suggest you think of broad questions to ask instead of narrow ones. “What can the cards tell me about our compatibility in the long-term?” is better than “When are we getting engaged?” The first question asked during a love tarot reading often leads to more answers and insights than you could think of.

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