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Cartomancy is the art of clairvoyance using playing cards. A deck of playing cards is used by a psychic reader during a cartomancy reading to answer questions about the future and provide insights by exploring the present and the future. Cartomancy can be especially insightful when it comes to romantic matters.

A standard 52-card deck, consisting of four suits (clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts) with 13 cards in every suit, is the one most commonly used during cartomancy readings. Sometimes it is enhanced with jokers and even the blank card that comes with the packaged card decks. The psychic reader attributes a meaning to every suit, face card and number, and relates it to your particular question or situation.

Using playing cards for divination or telling the future is one part of cartomancy, but like other kinds of spiritual readings it can also bring to light patterns and truths that are hidden in the past or present.

The exact origin of playing cards as used in cartomancy is unclear. What is clear, however, is that these cards were already very popular in Europe by the time of the middle ages. We have this long history to thank that today’s psychic readers have a wealth of examples to help them with their readings.

How Do Online Cartomancy Readings Work?

Online cartomancy readings function very similar to those conducted over the phone. You simply tell a psychic reader the questions you would like to be answered, before she or he continues to draw a spread and give a reading based on that.

How is Cartomancy Readings Different than Tarot Card Readings?

There are similarities between tarot card readings and cartomancy readings. Both are based on card symbols that convey specific messages to be used in divination. The 52-card playing deck is almost identical to the tarot deck, although the original tarot deck contains 78 cards, made up of 22 cards from the Major Arcana and 56 cards from the Minor Arcana, from which the regular playing deck is derived. Each of the deck’s suites are associated with an astrological element by some cartomancy readers. For example, they link diamonds to earth, hearts to water, clubs to fire and spades to air.

No single interpretation is right for everyone seeking a cartomancy reading. The reading depends on how an experienced psychic reader interprets and relates the patterns he or she sees within the cards to an individual’s life circumstances and events.

What Questions Can I Seek Answers for During a Cartomancy Reading?

A cartomancy reading can be perfect for you if you are in search of answers or need advice and guidance on future events, such as where your relationship is going or whether to apply for a new job.

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