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Although the term clairvoyant (a psychic medium who can see things with their inner eye that most others can’t perceive) is more familiar to many people, there are other forms of psychic intuition or extra-sensory perception. We have already talked about clairaudients, who can hear otherworldly beings. Then there is clairgustance or “clear taste”. This paranormal ability is an unusual psychic phenomenon. It allows the gifted medium to taste something that is associated with someone or something from the past, present or future without having it in their mouths.

Clairsentience is another form of psychic intuition, with clair meaning clear, and sentience meaning feeling. Clairsentients possess the ability to sense, experience and feel the energy around a person. Although they cannot see future visions or hear spirit guides, their gift is an extremely heightened form of empathy.

Clairsentients have the gift to use psychometry when doing in-person readings. This means they can gather information by touching objects from the personal belongings, such as jewelry or glasses, of others and use it to read their energy. A psychic medium using clairsentience may, for example, smell flowers or cigarettes in relation to your specific situation or question. It could indicate that the person who is instrumental to providing you with clarity or answers wears floral perfume or is a smoker. Clairsentients often also feel sensations in the form of blowing, tapping or temperature on their skin. This happens when a spirit guide uses them to make contact or is guiding their intuition to help answer your questions.

A lot of people with clairsentience abilities are not even aware of the gift they possess. They might just think that they are hypersensitive. Some even have the unique ability to sense the vibrations that an object or another person give off, giving them insight into their inner state in the process. Clairsentients can also project their senses to another location, meaning they can feel or see what is happening in a place far away from where they physically find themselves at that moment.

By putting their extraordinary gifts to use, clairaudients can assist you with information to bring clarity about various personal issues, from your relationships to your general wellbeing.

Clairsentients for General Wellbeing

A psychic reader with the gift of clairsentience could physically feel sensations that provide them with knowledge about your emotions and the situation you are in. It may be emotions that you are unaware of or do not express directly. A clairsentient might, for example, experience physical discomfort during a reading. This is an indication that someone or something brings negative energy for you. On the other hand, they might sense a feeling of wellbeing and lightness, indicating the involvement of positive energy.

Clairsentients for Relationship Guidance

Maybe you find it difficult to understand your partner. A clairsentient psychic can help. They might feel vibrations in the form of anything from a twitch, to “butterflies”, to a simple gut feeling. These can assist them to identify some underlying relationship problems you may be experiencing.

Speaking and listening to psychic readers with clairsentience gifts are valuable to help you recognize not only your own emotions and feelings, but also your partner’s. Couples can solve problems and move forward by taking to heart the intuitive knowledge of a clairsentient.

Clairsentients for Personal Growth

Clairsentients have the ability to identify negative emotions in individuals. The negative emotion could be sadness, stress or anxiety which the individual might not even be aware of. Through their gift to sense a person’s aura, clairsentients can provide valuable insight into the possible cause of the negativity. By tapping into your inner feelings, they are able to use their own energy to lift your spirit and bring the relief associated with true empathy.

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