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Clairaudience is defined as clear hearing (from the French clair, meaning clear, and audience, meaning hearing). Clairaudient mediums receive messages and information through their psychic hearing. This is different from psychics who are gifted to receive visions or see spirits. A psychic with clairaudience hear sounds that are inaudible to the majority of people. They are gifted to hear the voices of otherworldly beings and spirit guides.

Clairaudients can assist you if you are trying to make contact with spirit guides or angels. They can also be helpful if you feel directionless and need someone to point you in the right way.

Clairaudients Who Use Their Inner Hearing

Clairaudient messages are mostly heard internally. These type of clairaudients interpret messages through their inner ear instead of the inner eye.

The clairaudient medium makes use of his or her inner hearing center to listen to inner voices (it can be compared to hearing your own voice when silently talking to yourself) before using intuition to interpret the thoughts expressed by the voices. Therefore, clairaudients have a well-developed sixth sense to gather information by way of sound, while clairvoyants can actually see visions with the help of extra-sensory perception.

Clairaudients Who Hear Externally

Although less common, there is also another kind of clairaudient who can hear beings from other realms. This can be either the voices of people who have already passed on or of spirit guides. These voices are heard through the clairaudient’s physical rather than inner ear. No interpretation is therefore needed. Their special ability to hear the voices of beings in the spiritual realm give this type of clairaudient the unique opportunity to gain information that is inaccessible to most people. The information is especially helpful to relatives or loved ones in need of answers.

Reasons to Speak to a Clairaudient

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they seek answers to difficult questions or situations. In these instances, they can turn to advice from other realms with the help of a clairaudient. Clairaudients use their special gift of hearing beings in the spiritual realm or accessing information through inner voices to assist you in receiving accurate messages from your spirit guides or whoever seeks to contact you.

When you choose to speak to a clairaudient medium, you must also be prepared to tap into your own hearing powers. It can better equip you to listen to your own inner voice in future and to recognize when it speaks the truth.

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