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Angel readings tap into angelic presence to guide us toward our best life. They connect us with beings not normally seen or perceived.

These beings can include angels that are recognizable from the Bible, such as Raphael, Gabriel or Michael, or angels from Judeo-Christian lore, such us Azrael and Uriel. They can also be loved ones who are no longer with you, or spirit guides in the form of guardian angels, family spirits and ascended masters.

We are all believed to have angels or spirit guides who can provide guidance and insight for the best outcomes in our lives. We only need to find ways to connect. This is where angel cards and angel readings play an important role.

In general, angel readings are inspiring. They provide encouragement and positive affirmations for life’s challenges. By tapping into the universe’s greater mysteries, angel cards access the energies of angelic beings with compassion for the human condition and provide guidance and insight in accordance with divine laws.

Psychics specializing in angel readings or angel card readings can be called psychic mediums, spiritual intuitives or spiritual readers. Some might directly connect with your spirit guides and angels, while others might use cards for doing an angel card reading.

Are Angel Readings Different from Cartomancy or a Tarot Reading?

At first glance, angel cards look like another form of tarot cards. But tarot cards are a definitive type of divination, while angel cards rely on channeled information from etheric realms. A standard deck or set of symbols are not used when doing an angel card reading. Instead, different decks are created by different psychics and clairvoyants based on their own specific insights. Typically, each card has a message and an image. The message could relate to your experience of different feelings such as anger, love, doubt, or trust, while the image may show a specific angel. A psychic reader will relate your situation or question to the messages and images displayed on the cards while doing the reading. He or she will interpret the cards and suggest how the information can be applied in your daily life.

What Questions Can an Angel Card Reading Answer?

The range of questions that can be answered through angel cards or an angel reading vary from very broad ones to more specific ones. General ones may include “What do my angels or spirit guides want to communicate to me?”, while specific ones could be “Is the time right to have a baby?”

Irrespective of your situation, concerns or questions, an angel reading gives you the possibility to find peace of mind and view the past and the future from a satisfying perspective.

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